This was fascinating. Must be a tough time to be a Catholic!

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Killing the child that you sexually abused is a tradition that comes back to Emperor Hadrian and his boy-lover Antinous: they journeyed to Egypt, then Hadrian drowned the boy in the river Nile as a human sacrifice for an unknown ritual. Hadrian grieved him for a long time - like Jago's Fake Pieta, crocodile tears - and declared him a god to be wroshipped. Surely it had to do with Osiris, like you said. This is terrible, thank you for your work and for making us think.

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Thanks for this work. It is painful to read.

The Song of Songs speaks of the dark and the beautiful. It is mystery how these appear in the same body.

Are the most wicked and the most just intended to be united in the same corporeal body? Is the height of wickedness exactly the sign to hold ground rather than flee because it’s proof of sacred ground?

I have heard that ratzinger might have believed something like this.

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